Two “Alien” Beings Were Seen Inside A UFO, Footage Confirmed as Real By the Turkish Government

In the history of what is referred to as Ufology, Dr. Roger Leir, a California podiatric surgeon, is well known. He was one of those people who used to appear on Coast to Coast AM, talking about alien implants, and he has long claimed to have discovered proof of “non-terrestrial experimentation on man.”

He help popularize something however, that was actually analyzed by experts who confirmed the video was not faked: it is a genuine piece of film that seemingly captured a UFO on camera.

Several witnesses in a village in Turkey can also confirm to have seen it, and the government sponsored Scientific and Technology Research Board of Turkey analyzed it. This is the footage.

A web page that explains the story reads: “On January 31, 2008, a MiniDV format video cassette holding 35 minutes of footage was brought over to “TUBITAK” The Science and Technology Research Board of Turkey’s (a Scientific Institution owned by the state that is highly reliable and influential).”

On the beach of a holiday village in Kumburgaz/Istanbul, it was shot with a Canon GL1 MiniDV digital camera, and the images in the clip were thoroughly examined by TUG – National Observatory Image Processing unit.

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The results were that, the footage shows the UFO was not produced with computer animation, special video effects, or studio re-created images or models: the footage is completely genuine, someone recorded that.

It would be best if the experts could have analyzed more about the footage, to determine what that UFO was made of or more interesting details, but they reported that since in some parts of the footage, there is no other object capable of being featured as a reference in the close-up frames, and on the background examination, no observable differences were found, the actual details of the objects couldn’t be determined.

However, through the examination of shootings of multiple dates, its very likely that 2-3 different objects were captured on that film.

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They were able to determine that the reflections of light on the objects was caused by the moon, and sometimes produced by other light sources.

The National Observatory of TUBITAK statement concluded:

“In conclusion, even though a detailed analysis of the footage is conducted, it might still remain unidentified. Hence, other reference objects need to be recorded in the same frame with the disputable object and further shootings need to be done by ourselves with special equipment in the same location and conditions.

Accordingly, the term “UFO” (Unidentified Flying Object) which has been used for these sort of dubious objects can also be used for these objects. But, this definition does not mean that these objects are from extraterrestrial (flying saucer etc.) origin.”

It gets much weirder. That was a technical look at the authenticity of the video, but what actually happened in Turkey?

According to reports, for several days, strange metallic spheres, disc shaped objects, and oval shaped things appeared in the Sea of Marmara, right off the coast of Kumburgaz, Turkey.

Dr. Leir just happened to be there, while this was happening. He recalled standing on an elevated deck, with nothing between Leir and his company, and the water. It was a very bright full moon in his account, and he recalled: ” We started by looking at the moon…”

“We saw a little bright dot to the left and below the moon and then after getting our focus on the moon we moved the camera over to this little bright light and then started to zoom in on it,” Leir recalled.

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Strangely enough, when they were zoomed in that far with the camera, next to the Moon, they just so happened to see something that made no sense.

He explained that they noticed the light was not coming from a plane. It clearly wasn’t a star, or a helicopter, and it had this certain peculiar shape to it. Leir described this shape as cylindrical in the front, but from time to time the object would turn, and it looked crescent shaped, he said.

Leir went so far as to describe that they were most startled by what was on the “front” of the object, if that could be determined: viewing ports, or windows or something along those lines, and three of them.

He explained this craft has one big window or viewing port in the front, and one towards each side. It was being illuminated by the bright light from the Moon, so it was clear that the craft was shiny, made of some kind of metal most likely.

Through those ports, he explained you could see light emanating from the internal portion of the craft. However, standing there according to Leir, he saw some kind of beings inside the craft.

“They knew we were there filming them it, was like ‘oh hello, go ahead film away,’” Leir said.

It’s a little imaginative to think that he really saw beings standing in the craft from that far away, but it’s an absolute mystery how that footage could have been filmed.

Was this some military craft that people aren’t allowed to know about? Was this genuinely some entities visiting our planet and allowing themselves to be seen?

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