Dog Desperately Attempts to Get Back In Car as Heartless Owner Abandons Him

This article is being written with hopes that it will help this poor dog find a new home, or help the situation in some way.

An absolutely heartbreaking video was recently shared by the RSPCA, CCTV footage captured that showed a sad scene in which a distressed Staffordshire bull terrier dog chased a car, jumping up at the car doors as the weak “owner” abandoned his poor little creature, driving off and leaving the animal to fend for itself in life just a few days before Christmas.

The owner, who some might say deserves to get thrown out of a moving car himself, can be seen carelessly tossing the dog’s bed onto the pavement, even taking the Staffie dog off its leash before running back to the car, trying to abandon the dog as it was distracted.

A very positive, innately trusting and good thing is present in dogs, and that was made very apparent as the poor dog failed to realize what was going on as he jumped up and down at the car doors, thinking its “owner” was playing some kind of game when really, they didn’t care one bit about him.

The poor Staffy was so faithful, he didn’t give up hope as the “owner” started driving away, circling the vehicle in a failed attempt to get back to its owner who didn’t care.

The video was shot around 5pm on December 17, 2018, at the corner of Pacific Road and Timor Grove in Trentham, Stoke.

(Image credit: RSPCA)

About an hour after the traumatizing event took place, a passerby found the abandoned dog sitting in its bed, no doubt confused about what had just transpired.

The RSPCA was alerted, and they launched an investigation, which unfortunately will probably not yield any results because most of the time, investigations like this don’t. That’s why if you see someone abandoning a dog, you may have to go kick their a** yourself, in the view of some people.

RSPCA inspector Natalie Perehovsky said:

“The footage has to be seen to be believed, it’s just awful. To see the poor dog in such obvious distress jumping up at the car as it drives away it just heartbreaking.

I can’t understand how someone could do this.”

(Image credit: RSPCA)

Natalie explained that Snoop, the name given to the Staffie, appears to have previous owners from before the man who abandoned him, and they were not responsible for it. How they determined those owners in fact weren’t responsible, is unclear. How did those owners give up a dog that is now currently only 2 years old? They must have carelessly handed the dog off to some people who don’t care. It’s hard to believe they don’t have some responsibility.

She explained that the vets scanned his microchip, and traced two previous owners in the Birmingham area back to the little puppy, but they don’t believe either of them are the current owners.

Two people actually abandoned the dog, as the footage shows, she said. One man can be seen clearly dumping the dog out the car, and some second piece of sh** was sitting in the driver’s seat.

“I am very keen to hear from anyone who recognises the vehicle, the man or the dog,” she continued.

“The veterinary staff have nicknamed the dog Snoop, and he is in good condition, thought to be two years old. He is a white Staffie with black marking, and is such a friendly, lovely boy.”

The dog is only two years old! He really is a puppy, and at that age, it’s extremely doubtful that there is something up with the dog that makes it an extreme inconvenience to have him. Besides, if you commit to having a dog and then decide to abandon it like this, some would suggest you’re really a worthless human being.

This is a different, almost 2 year old Staffy. How could you abandon this?

(Image credit: edgecanopy)

What kind of a weak person would try to toss out their responsibilities like this, it’s difficult to tell. Maybe someone will catch these two supposed men and throws them out of a car.

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