Videos Claim Pyramid Shaped UFO Flew Over Pentagon on December 19, 2018

Right now, yet another fake looking UFO video is circulating, except it’s actually a set of videos uploaded by different YouTube channels who seem related.

YouTube users Richard Wilson, Alex Dude, and Jane Doe uploaded different clips claiming to show a pyramid shaped UFO appearing over the Pentagon on December 19, 2018.

However, as one comment points out on one of the videos right off the bat: “This channel was created on December 9th of this year. This is some type of movie promo.”

It turns out, two of these YouTube channels were just now created in December. There’s obviously a similarity to how all of these videos begin, and how they are. They kind of begin with an unnatural feeling, you can tell without much difficulty it’s fake.

(Image credit: YouTube)

A supposed eyewitness to the event said: “It was not a hologram. It wasn’t blinking even slightly or anything. It was clearly a heavy object. Not sure if metal or not, because it was not shiny, but it seemed heavy.” However, the quote isn’t easy to attribute to anyone, it just comes from this post about the supposed UFO’s.

People can be guaranteed that if a metal, heavy object started hovering above the Pentagon, everybody would notice. In that scenario, it may even be that disclosure, “Operation Bluebeam” type thing where an alien invasion is faked.

If you think about it, how could people ever be persuaded that an “alien invasion,” or visit, that was officially reported on by the mainstream media and the government, was actually real?

If some extra-terrestrials really did come to our planet and just make contact with us, it would be difficult to confirm it’s not potentially an elaborate hoax.

When technology advances further, and the potential for holograms to look even more real comes, distinguishing reality from fiction may be disturbingly more difficult.

It was reported about a year ago that 3D holograms are about to become big, as smartphone-based augmented reality (AR) and the use of AR headsets continues to rise. “Meanwhile, though, the real AR hologram revolution is being ignored,” one article noted.

(Image credit: diymag)

“A hologram is a 3D virtual object that isn’t actually “there,” but looks as if it were, either floating in the air or standing on a nearby desk or table,” the article continued.

The article pointed out, the “holo” in the name of Microsoft’s HoloLens headset is a reference to holograms, which are thought to be something that will become more central in the AR headset use.

Remember when an entire “floating city” was potentially projected into the sky in China? Some say it wasn’t a hologram, or that it didn’t even appear in the sky, but if that was a test of some hologram, that was several years ago now, just imagine how far things could have advanced with the technology of 3D holograms since then.

People will probably be making fake UFO videos with real life holograms they operate like personal drones in the future: that’s the future of this genre of video.

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