YNW BSlime Net Worth 2022: Bio, Height, Age & Career

Brandon King aka YNW BSlime is a young rapper and singer who broke into the scene with his hits like “Hot Sauce”, “Gucci Belt”, and “Just Want You”. He is also the younger brother of established rapper YNW Melly, who has also been his major inspiration. Despite being only in his early teens, BSlime has achieved immense fame and has created a loyal fanbase for himself.

King was born on 10 April 2007 in Florida’s Gifford where he was brought up by his mother alongside his two siblings. YNW Melly, real name Jamell Maurice Demons, and Brandon are not biological brothers as their mother conceived them from different fathers. The family had moved to Gifford before Brandon was born. Melly started rapping to help his family survive and succeeded at it which pretty much established his image as an idol in Brandon’s eyes.

Melly was also the reason Brandon got into rapping. Brandon had no interest in making music and like any other kid, was spending his time playing video games. Melly urged him to get out in the real world and took him to South Florida to a studio where Melly was recording. After Melly was done with his session, he urged Brandon to try freestyling on the mic. His little performance impressed Melly and the two brothers started working on carving out a career in rap for him.

Melly helped him with his debut professional song and even uploaded the music video to his own YouTube channel. The song titled “Slime Dreams” has more than 27 million views on YouTube at present. Brandon chose to be known as YNW BSlime. The YNW comes from not only his brother but also the YNW clan featuring multiple rappers who use the acronym. The collective also became a center of controversy when Melly was charged with the murders of two fellow rappers of the collective. He is still waiting for a trial and BSlime is often seen advocating for the release of his brother.

Sine 2019, BSlime has been regularly making music and uploading it across various platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. He is doing well for himself across all of them. On Spotify, he has more than 646k monthly listeners with Slime Dreams being the most played track, having over 29M plays. His Soundcloud account has 128k followers and Slime Dreams is again the most popular track with 31M plays. BSlime is more popular over on YouTube with 942k subscribers and a total of 120 million views. The most viewed video on his YouTube channel is his 2019 song “Just Want You” which has 23 million views. The most recent upload on the channel is his collaboration with rapper Deric for the song No Kizzy.

BSlime is highly active on Instagram and has 1.1 million followers. Aside from a peek into his own life, BSlime is often seen paying tribute to other rappers and his brother Melly. The very first thing he uploaded on Instagram was an art dedicated to his brother and he is also his current display picture.

Birthday & Zodiac Details

  • Date of Birth – April 10, 2007
  • Birthplace    – Gifford, Florida
  • Zodiac sign    – Aries

Body Appearance Height, Weight

  • Height – 5’2″
  • Weight – 105 lbs / 48 kg

Other Facts

  • Profession – Rapper
  • Educational Qualification  – Middle School
  • Religion – Christianity
  • Nick Name – YNW BSlime
  • Nationality   – American
  • Residence – Gifford, Florida

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram – (https://www.instagram.com/_ynwbslime/)
  • Twitter    – (https://twitter.com/ynwbslime4l/)
  • Fb    –  N/A

YNW BSlime Networth

YNW BSlime is one of the youngest rappers active in the scene and one of the most successful of such too. He might not be topping billboards but has established himself online. Through his hits on YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, BSlime has accumulated a net worth of $500K. He is regularly creating and releasing music and has a bright future ahead.


What year was YNW BSlime born?

YNW BSlime was born in 2007.

How old is YNW BSlime?

YNW BSlime is 15 years old.

How much is YNW BSlime worth?

YNW BSlime is worth between $500K-$600K.

What is YNW BSlime’s net worth?

YNW BSlime’s net worth is between $500K-$600K.

How tall is YNW BSlime?

YNW BSlime is 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Where does YNW BSlime live?

YNW BSlime lives in Gifford, Florida now.

Where was YNW BSlime born?

YNW BSlime was born in Gifford, Florida.

Where is YNW BSlime now?

YNW BSlime is in Gifford, Florida now.

Where is YNW BSlime from?

YNW BSlime is from Gifford, Florida.

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