15 Signs the Gov’t Is Spying on You and 5 Ways They’re Already Watching You Every Day

Showcasing a genuinely eye-opening compilation of ways our future is being jeopardized by the creeping growth of surveillance, the original article pointed out that even the ACLU warned people they would never be aware if the government were spying on them.

Here are 15 signs you’re being spied on.

1. You are in possession of a “smart” TV

This has been known for so long. It was reported by USA Today for example that WikiLeaks revealed Samsung Smart TV’s can be hacked by the CIA. Although one would naturally expect such a thing to hit a phone or a computer, the Smart TV is not safe either.

The day data collected by deep intelligence agencies can be used in court to convict people of crimes, that is the day serious consequences will come from all of this.


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2. You were flagged at the airport

Occasionally, you might get flagged and subjected to extra searches at the airport in the US. However if it’s happening very often, your name could be on a government watch list.

It was pointed out by one article that people have been prevented from normally boarding their flights simply for controversial, presumably public social media posts.

Is it really better to update your device or not update it? On one hand, don’t you get a feeling with every update that it could be something of a backdoor to surveillance anyway?

Contrary to that intuition some people have, it was reported by the National Cyber Security Alliance, which seems to focus more on the dangers of ordinary hackers and non-government cuber-criminals, that “you have to take care of basic cyber hygiene,” according to Michael Kaiser of the institution.

It was reported in 2015 that 95% of Android phones at the time were able to be hacked with a single text message. Apple was suffering from a similar problem.


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4. You’re consenting to sharing digital cookies

When you click that button that allows a website to store cookies, it’s not for no reason. Sure, cookies are useful for storing data such as passwords or purchase history, but a company is fully able to profit from that information in some situations where you consent to cookies being used.

It was reported by the Huffington Post that two primary groups can access these: the NSA and local police, and the “private sector,” or advertising.


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5. You opened a suspicious email

Just don’t do it: don’t open that email promising money or whatever it is, you could regret it.

It’s best to delete an email you know is suspicious without reading it.


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6. You have a common name, also belonging to someone on a list

If your name is Bill Brown or John Doe, you might find that another person with a bad reputation has the same name as you. If this is the case and you’re constantly being stopped at the airport, welcome to the police state.

For example, in 2004 one John Lewis was on a government watch list, so every person with that same name suffered from problems boarding their flight. It’s possible to check if your name is on the list of “Specifically Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons,” published by, of all agencies, the U.S. Treasury.


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7. You reach under your car and find a tracker

It may sound extreme, but this happens where the police are militarized: reach up under your car like in Breaking Bad, and you just might find one of these. A device can be placed in the undercarriage of a vehicle, or in the wheel wall or even exhaust system.

A person’s location and movements can be tracked through these devices, and any local police department could employ one. Don’t hesitate to regularly check your vehicle.

8. Your phone’s data usage is mysteriously rising

If you notice that your phone has eaten up an inexplicable amount of data, be aware, someone could have accessed your phone. It was suggested by USA Today that the NSA could be behind this, and local police have also been known to steal information.

9. An unmarked van is doing nothing outside your house

This one is a classic dead giveaway: there’s an unmarked, tinted-window or completely covered up van sitting outside your house for no reason. This really happens.

It would probably help to go up and straightforward confront whoever is sitting in the vehicle. People may be well advised to go up to them and ask what they are doing, straightforward, also without underestimating the possibility that the people could be dangerous, whether they are civilians or police.


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10. Your webcam’s light is mysteriously on

When you’re not using your camera and the flash turns on, which is less easy to observe on a regular laptop, that’s a dead giveaway something is wrong.

Even the Daily Mail reported the state is capable of turning on your camera: they might as well have said the sky is blue.


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11. Strange noises disturb your phone calls

It’s good to be observant, and it’s not difficult to be sharp and free of anything resembling paranoia. If you hear some strange sounds while you’re on the phone, it’s healthy to be curious about what that could be.


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12. Your possessions seem out of place

Have you ever found your possessions or things in your home completely out of place, knowing you didn’t rearrange them, and nobody you know did either? Hopefully you have never experienced that, because learning someone had been in your home like it was nothing touching your things is truly disturbing.

If this were to happen to someone, and it does happen, it would be a serious level of surveillance to say the least.

Sometimes, as noted by Business Insider, police can even install cameras in your home, or “on private property” without a warrant or a person’s knowledge or consent.


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13. You come across the same faces in a crowd throughout the day

Have you ever seen the same faces, the same random people in different places throughout the day? Did it happen more than once? That’s not a good sign, but don’t let it make you paranoid.

If you experienced this, you might be under surveillance by the government. You could think of this information as a good way of recognizing what is going on: but don’t let it freak you out or make you paranoid. Stay calm, protected, and aware and you’ll handle the situation the best you can.


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14. You’ve been drugged

It was pointed out in one article that the CIA dosed an entire French town with LSD without their permission during the era of MK Ultra. This is to say that, yes the government is also fully capable of stooping to that level: and being involuntarily dosed with something as strong as LSD is a nightmarishly cruel thing to do to people.

Would you rather get roofied or lose your mind out of the blue with an enormous dose of aerial LSD?


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15. You’re considered to be a member of an “extremist” group

The Black Panthers, champions of the virtues of self defense and community protection in the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s, were always branded as “extremists.”

Members of the Civil Rights movement were constantly persecuted, harassed, assassinated, and everything one can think of back then, and the principle of individuals and groups like this being targeted remains the same today.

If people encourage self defense the way they did, they may be persecuted a similar way today.


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The state is watching people send emails, and that was observed when a person discussed a product or service in an email, proceeding to find “10 advertisements” for that same thing afterward. The FBI is also capable of looking through any emails, files, pictures, and social media posts you’ve shared or saved.

2. You use cookies

The state can take those digital cookies you allow websites to share, and obtain that data from corporations. Never forget, they associate with big corporations.

3. You’re driving

Driving a vehicle is automatically consenting to surveillance. Road signs and police cars are often equipped with automatic license plate readers: the data may not disappear for years.

4. You fell for a loyalty card

You know the reward programs and loyalty cards you’re always offered at the grocery store? Those can be tracked too: no wonder they are so persistently offered.

5. You’re walking under public cameras

The day that data is stored with greater efficiency than the present day, with CCTV cameras capable of recording HD constantly, is the day that surveillance will step into a new realm of being a nightmare.

It’s best to avoid walking under public cameras if you have any interest in subverting surveillance and keeping your respect.

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