Amateur Astronomer Films “38 UFO’s” Passing Across The Moon over Rome, Italy

According to TBV Investigations, who received the submission of this video, multiple alleged “UFOs” were captured on film moving in front of the Moon on July 29, 2018 in Rome, Italy.

In the footage, you can see a whole bunch of strange, gliding black specks traveling across the Moon. According to the Black Vault, an amateur astronomer captured the footage, and they said:

“Hello I am a friend of ___________ and I want to report a sighting.

It was the day after the Red Moon (or Blood Moon) and the weather was clear. To record the passage of the Moon I used the follow equipment:

-Sky-Watcher Maksutov SkyMax 127/1500 OTA
-T2 ring
-Pentax HD DA AF 1.4x rear converter
-Pentax K-70

Thank you for your attention, best regards.


It kind of looks like strange objects underneath a microscope. Watch it below:

The description of this video on YouTube claims that they counted a total of 38 objects. Technically a UFO is any unidentified flying object, so even if these are birds, you wouldn’t be incorrect to call them “UFO’s” if they haven’t been identified.

However, that doesn’t mean this isn’t fake. What do you think? The description of the video, possibly going a little too far into detail reads:

“You can clearly see all the craters and detailed lining of the moon showing a good camera focus. A dark object cross in front of the moon. Taking the zoom into consideration, it appears that the anomaly is flying at a high altitude. If these were bugs, birds or bats flying much lower to the ground, most likely they would be out of focus and not appear in the video, or if they do, be largely out of focus given the focal length of the lens in conjunction with the clarity of the moon.”

The description continued to explain that if the objects were nearer to the lens, they would be drastically out of focus or mostly invisible. The description continues to assert that the height these objects were filmed at seems hard to determine with no objects for reference in the frame aside from the Moon. The description continues:

“We know the moon is 252,088 miles away from Earth, but to properly give some kind of calculation, another “reference object” needs to be in the frame to compare. Since there is none, it is highly speculative to try and pinpoint an exact altitude. A greater wave of objects pass through the same view.

I was able to count at least 38 objects in total. The objects seem to travel at a relatively fast speed. Judging by the speed the earth is rotating (1600km/hr) and the way the moon moves across the screen I would have to say the anomalies are traveling faster than any commercial jet plane (about 740-930 kph or 500 knots) in my best estimation. SOURCE: TBV Investigations Case Number: 257854″

However at the same time if you read that description closely, it isn’t nonsensical. It just sounds like someone on Adderall looking for UFO’s.

On the other hand, the footage is pretty damn profound. What are those things? If they aren’t birds, they certainly have not been identified yet. Look at all those little black dots.

The problem with unidentified flying objects or aliens is that time after time, it’s damn near impossible to concretely prove something is real or fake. As far as the realm of possibility or probability, that something is real, there would seem to be too many stars and things in the universe for more life to not exist.

So some extremely crazy things in this world may be real, but as far as concretely proving this, it’s always wading through an infinite ocean of falsehood.

A few comments on the video read:

“Yeah, there’s nothing happening on the moon. No fleets of craft moving at hellacious speed across the face of old green cheese. And there aren’t structures, huge vehicles, mining complexes, or landed craft either. Totally dead satellite. I’m grateful for the members of the amateur astronomical community who provide us with a fresh perspective on the moon. We’ve been handed a line of crap by a collective which has shaped this false reality.”

“Very odd, they don’t look or behave like birds, being the first thing people will say, other than that they’re all flying in the same direction. I don’t see any wing flaps, I do see one flying slower than others. Would be good to analyse it more, zoom in on them, change filters etc. VERY INTERESTING CATCH!”

A lot of the comments were in the Russian language. That’s interesting, Russians might particularly have an interest in UFO’s.

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