Anonymous Investigate Arizona Election Fraud, “Sanders Was Hacked”


Hacktivist group Anonymous have launched their own official investigation into claims of Arizona election fraud committed by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Claims of election fraud began circulating last Tuesday when thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters were prevented from voting for Sanders due to their votes mysteriously being changed from Democratic to Independent.

Anonymous have issued a press release saying that the abnormally low vote total may be the result of Clinton’s campaign hacking the sanders campaign voter database.

In their preliminary report, anonymous say:

Anonymous has begun a thorough investigation into the as-of-yet unverified claim that Bernie Sanders’ campaign offices in Arizona were hacked and that the information gathered may have been used to switch his supporters from registered Democrats to Independents, Republicans, or Libertarians.

We will be asking four relevant questions:

1) Are claims that Sanders’ Arizona campaign computers were hacked credible

2) How feasible would it be to use that information to change his supporters’ voter registration from Democrat to something else?

3) Were only, or primarily, Sanders supporters affected or did Clinton supporters and Republicans have similar problems?

4) Why were less than 35,000 Democratic votes tallied in Maricopa County (Phoenix), population 4,000,000 on March 22, 2016? Note: The New York Times reported 185,000 + early ballots. The total for Maricopa, 100% reporting, is less than 220,000.

Anonymous will released our preliminary answers to these questions within 72 hours.

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