“Time Traveler Born In 2043” Identifies When World War Three Will Begin

It’s another one: another video featuring a supposed time traveler. This time, the person claims that World War III is going to “kick off” as a result of Donald Trump.

The claim is enough to make tabloid headlines sweep across the Internet, and a new crop of people are gullible enough to entertain the idea, or rather to believe it because there’s nothing wrong with entertaining an idea. The things people who claim to be time travelers say are what give away the fakeness: it’s always something related to current events, trends in the media, what people expect some cataclysmic event to consist of.

This topic has been all over the media for the past several years, and this isn’t even really the peak of this set of topics trending. Still made sense to the people who made the video.

The man calls himself Michael Phillips.

He claims to have been born in the year 2043, and says he understands some of the greatest threats that humanity will face in the next several decades.

Michael Phillips’ main claim is that in 2019, a nuclear war will break out between the United States and North Korea. It was said by some articles that anybody watching the news could make a reasonable assumption about this occurring, but even more to the point, it’s not even as much of a trending topic anymore since Trump and Kim Jong-un had that meeting, remember?

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Sounding like fiction, Mr. Phillips claims the war is brought to a swift close when the Americans take the life of Kim Jong-un. That definitely wouldn’t make a lot of sense with the diplomacy that has been taking place recently, and the fact that Kim once attended a sort of elite school as a young boy in Switzerland, a country very tied to the Western side of power.

So the “time traveler” claims that World War III will be sparked by the death of Kim and it will happen in 2020.

In the video, he said it was a limited war thankfully, with China and Russia of course facing off with the UK and America, and a few other countries, in a very swift yet brutal war.

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He claims that “countless millions” lost their lives, and nuclear weapons were used but just in a limited capacity, with “battlefield weapons.” It’s not consistent with the technocracy, smart grid thing they really want to set up, from America to China.

The video claims that Donald Trump will get re-elected again.

“Donald Trump clung to power for two terms,” the video claims. It’s now at over 5.6 million views. The “time traveler” claimed he made an attempted for three terms, and after he was impeached Oprah Winfrey tried to be president and didn’t succeed. That doesn’t sound like fiction at all.

“Michael Macintosh” was the next president, the video claimed. Does that person even exist? Was he looking at a Macintosh computer when that was said?

It was claimed that by 2075 global warming will have badly affected the planet because of “inaction of world governments.” They are active and not on our side with geoengineering.

He claimed that 9/11 was a unifying event for America and it prevented a civil war in 2008, but none of that is as crazy as the guy who claimed that Los Angeles was completely underwater in the year 5,000, with a “photo” to prove it.

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