BBC Documentary Makes the Case Jesus Was a Buddhist Monk Named Issa

Way back in 2011 it appears, a BBC documentary was made suggesting that Jesus was in fact a Buddhist monk at one point in his life.

It was said that from the age of 13 to 29 with the story of Jesus, there is no Western, Biblical, or Middle Eastern record of the man’s activities, whereabouts, or whatever else in Palestine.

That period of time is known as the “lost years,” and in them, nobody knows what happened. However, in 1887 someone made a remarkable discovery.

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At that time in the late 19th century, a Russian doctor traveled throughout India, Tibet, and Afghanistan quite extensively. Nicolas Notovitch went through his experiences in the 1894 book The Unknown Life of Christ.

At a certain point in that trip, Notovitch suffered a broken leg in 1887, and managed to get some rest and heal at the Tibetan Buddhist Monastery of Hemis, in the city of Leh. That’s basically the very “top” of India.

Here, monks let Notovitch gaze his eyes upon two old, yellowed volumes of a Tibetan language document, entitled “The Life of Saint Issa.”

There at the monastery, the Russian man is said to have translated this document, which tells a very familiar story of a child named Jesus (Issa is said to mean “the son of God”), and he was born in the first Century to a poor family in Israel, according to this translation.

The Vedic scholars who may have written the sacred Buddhist texts may have been tutors to “the son of God” Jesus from the age of 13 to 29. According to the story presented in a way meant to be entertaining by the BBC documentary, the Russian man managed to translate 200 of the 224 verses of the document.

While he was there at the monastery in the year 1887, one lama is said to have explained to Notovitch exactly just what they believe Jesus had accomplished with the help of his Asian tutors.

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“Issa [Jesus] is a great prophet, one of the first after the twenty-two Buddhas,” the lama said to the Russian man.

“He is greater than any one of all the Dalai Lamas, for he constitutes part of the spirituality of our Lord. It is he who has enlightened you, who has brought back within the pale of religion the souls of the frivolous, and who has allowed each human being to distinguish between good and evil. His name and his acts are recorded in our sacred writings. And in reading of his wondrous existence, passed in the midst of an erring and wayward people, we weep at the horrible sin of the pagans who, after having tortured him, put him to death.”

The time where the monks claim a man came their way seems to directly coincide with the time when Jesus “disappeared.”

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When what they call a great Buddhist or Holy Man, Lama passes away, wise men consult the stars, astrology and other omens, before setting off on great journeys to find who is the reincarnation of the Lama.

A lot of evidence was presented in that now kind of classic BBC documentary. It came out in the era of Ancient Aliens in the beginning of this decade, when it felt like people were excited about things.

It can be seen below.

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