Authorities Searching For Man Who Drop Kicked Cat On Film

Authorities are searching for a UK man who was filmed drop kicking a cat, after luring it over to him.

At first, the man appears friendly with the cat, but as soon as the animal becomes comfortable, he kicked it as hard as he could.

In the background, at least one other person can be heard laughing along with the attacker.

The video was later shared by a Twitter account called “Protect All Wildlife,” but it is not clear how they obtained the video.

The attacker seemed friendly at first and coaxed the cat over to him. Photo Credit: Protect_Wildlife Twitter

The original tweet has been shared over 29,000 times and the video has collected over 3 million views.

RSPCA England and Wales replied to the tweet, saying that they are investigating the situation.

“Thanks for tagging us – this has been reported and will be looked into. If you have further information regarding this please report to us on 0300 1234 999 – thanks,” the Tweet read.

When the cat became comfortable with the attacker, he randomly kicked the poor animal and caught it off guard. Photo Credit: Protect Wildlife Twitter

A spokesperson for the RSPCA later said: “We are aware of the clip being circulated on social media and encourage anyone with information to contact us.”

Commenters were understandably horrified by the video.

“I can’t unsee this & it’s made me feel sick to my stomach, I hope this gets retweeted by everyone & the guy & his videoer get the kicking they deserve,” one person replied.

“I hope he will be found and then kicked like this for several hours. Such a shame for mankind,” another said.

According to BBC, the United Kingdom was the first country in the world to implement animal protection laws.

In 1822, the parliament passed an act that would prevent the cruel treatment of cattle, and this law was eventually extended to other animals.

The Protection of Animals Act was replaced with the Animal Welfare Act in England and Wales in 2007, but many argue that the penalties are still light.

Still, people who are found guilty under the new laws could face up to five years in prison.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said that the country’s government is working hard to bring animal abusers to justice, and see that they have a sizeable sentence that will hopefully deter them from committing acts of violence.

The UK has laws against animal cruelty that could put an offender way for years, but activists say the penalties are too lenient. Photo Credit: Pixabay

“We are a nation of animals lovers and so we must ensure that those who commit the most shocking cruelty towards animals face suitably tough punishments. These plans will give courts the tools they have requested to deal with the most abhorrent acts,” Gove said.

“We now feel that those who commit these acts will soon be receiving sentences that reflect the seriousness of their crime and hope this will act as a real deterrent against cruelty and neglect,” he added.

Last year, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), investigated more than 130,000 cases of alleged cruelty and convicted 1,678 animal abusers.

A few months ago in the UK, a man tossed a dog off a cliff into the water below.

The person in the video can be heard laughing maniacally, as the poor animal is tossed into a life threatening situation. The suspect appears to be a teenager.

In the video, the helpless dog can be seen flailing around in the air before splashing into the water. Luckily, the dog made a decent landing and was able to swim back to shore.

It was first reported that the dog broke its back and had to be put down, however, police have confirmed that the animal is in good shape and has been seen by a vet.

The video sparked outrage across the world, but luckily, police were able to later identify the suspect from the video.

Animal attacks are sadly common around the world, and there are some people out there who are even sick and brazen enough to film themselves in the act.

Some of these attackers expect to become famous on YouTube and social media, and many of them get their wish, but not in the way that they expected.

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