Child Rapist is Raped, Stitched up and Re-Raped by 20 Inmates

A Jujitsu professor who was accused of raping his own 1 year old son, Daryell Dickson Menenzes Xavier was incarcerated in Taguatinga, Brazil after turning himself in for the horrific crime.

The facial expression on his son is truly heartbreaking.

In custody, the rapist lost his own life due to the fact that he was brutally raped himself reportedly by a squad of 20 other inmates.

This wasn’t even in actual prison, but merely his initial 30 day incarceration in which he was going to wait for a hearing.

The entire local resident prison population apparently honed in on Daryell: from America to Brazil, rapists and pedophiles truly do not fare well in prison and this is a known fact.

This has been called sick, and depraved vigilante justice, but many more people suggest that the guy is getting exactly what he deserves. Clearly judging by the horrified and furious look in the child victim’s eyes, Daryell damaged his son quite a bit.

An alleged total gang of 20 inmates violently raped the rapist father. His a**hole must have basically been ripped open, because it was reported that the jail’s medical staff were forced to line him up with stitches all the way up to the whole of his back.

Those prison guards must not have cared about him either because he was put straight back out into the general population of the facility, and they ripped open his stitches again and he was violently raped again.

Child Rapist Raped, Stitched By Medics and Re-Raped By 20 Prisoners –

— sebaxxxtian (@sebaxxxtian) May 20, 2017

As far as people can tell, the man wasn’t exactly killed in these attacks and little other info on the story has ever been reported. The incredibly vivid and grotesque example of vigilante justice has become something more of an urban legend on the Internet.

If the story is at all false, Snopes dares not approach it. The original articles appear to be in Spanish, and this man was a competitor in Brazil for a jujitsu event known as Gracie Barra.

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