Time Traveler Says He’s Brought Back A Picture From 2118

A phenomena of recent, several people have been claiming that they have traveled back in time to the present, to warn people about what the future will be like.

While one must at least consider whether or not the person could be actually telling the truth, without a doubt most people will probably not believe the claims that have been made.

Unilad summarized the way these things usually go:

“Each time the story is the same; person claims to have travelled into the future and returns with a frightening warning about what lies ahead blah, blah, blah.”

In this instance, a man with a peculiar look about his face and appearance is claiming that he brought back a photograph from the year 2118.

In the video below, it is apparent that he is wearing a thin layer of something over half of his face and his head. You can see his hairline beneath the head piece that makes him look bald. Why else would the video be shot in a low definition in 2018? The acting is terrible.

In fact, the YouTube channel who published the video, which is just about to break 400,000 views, is simply following up the success of their last, similiar video about a man who “time traveled.” They have released quite a few of these.

This is about generating ad revenue. And in a certain way it’s smart: there is in fact value to be gained from seeing a pretty obviously fake story like this be released because it sharpens people’s ability to determine whether something is real or fake.

However, you’d have to be as sharp as a butterknife to not realize these ApexTV claims are false. All of the recent claims about time travel seem to lead back to them.

If one takes a closer look at the YouTube channel, you might be surprised to notice that they did a 2 hour long Q&A session with a man who claims to be a time traveler.

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