This Is What Happens To The Human Body Without Sex

By: themindunleashed

This activity is potentially the most vital part of life. There are some who embrace it fully, letting go of inhibitions and enjoying every passionate moment they can find. Others fear it, feeling awkward and self conscious making their experiences less pleasurable. There are even some religions that require their followers to take a vow of celibacy. Supposedly giving up the need for sexual activity. Yet, has anyone ever stopped to wonder if our body actually does need sex? What goes on inside of us without this natural primal act? Though you may not be aware of it, these are some things that happen to you when you stop having sexual activity:

1. Your Dreams Are Affected…

Dreams are a function of the brain, as is pleasure or pain. Our brains consist of an interesting web of chemicals, simultaneously working to ensure our health and happiness. In this article from World of Chemicals they explain the precise chemistry of our dreams. Some dream analysts report that people who are experiencing a lag in their sex life will have vivid sexual dreams.


2) You Are More Self Conscious…

Feelings of happiness, or acceptance also come from chemical reactions in the brain. When you experience sexual activity you release chemicals that make you feel amazing. By not allowing your body to receive this natural release you become chemically imbalanced. Leaving you feeling depressed and less confident than you normally would. This isn’t the case for everyone but for people who have experienced the contrast, it might ring true.


3) Your Stress Intensifies…

Sexual release is one of natures natural stress relievers. It’s a primal feature. Without this necessary release, your negative feelings may fester and cause stress to manifest. Whether you experience headaches, lack of sleep, difficulty eating or the vivid dreaming, these are all stress signals our bodies use to alert us to a need for change. Listening to your body is the key to living a long happy life.


4) Your Immune System Weakens…

Your immune system is built to fight off germs. Having a weak immune system can lead to all sorts of health problems. The most common being the common cold and flu viruses, and sex actually strengthens our immune systems by boosting the Immunoglobulin chemical, increasing your ability to fight off and avoid sickness altogether! This study shows how the immune system reacts to sexual activity.

5) Your mental performance may increase

Depending on who you are, this may or may not be true for you. Some people feel that abstinence can increase the amount of energy you have to allocate toward mental functions. Studies have found, however, that sexual activity boosts neuron growth in the brain’s hippocampus. The same can’t be said for abstinence even if it does help increase productivity.

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