Indonesian Kids Are Drinking Boiled Tampon Water to Get High

Like an Indonesian version of the Tide Pod thing (can you believe that was only earlier this year?), reports are claiming that kids in the country are boiling sanitary products to try and get high.

Apparently in an attempt to extract some chemical that makes a person high from the tampons, reports claim that kids are boiling them and then consuming the remaining liquid.

Remember all the rumors you heard as a kid about ways to get high? There was the urban legend that if you take an orange peel, put toothpaste on it and let it sit for a month it will rot into LSD, the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard. Remember people talking about eating huge amounts of nutmeg?

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Why might people try such a strange way to get high in Indonesia? Because the country has famously tough drug laws, influenced by the American prohibition plan like so many other countries in the world, although several Asian countries are known to be tough on drugs. Instead of blazing up a blunt, these kids feel the need to drink hygiene product chemicals: welcome to the drug war.

The chemicals are obtained by boiling tampons and sanitary pads, and what are the chemicals? Just chlorine, according to a representative from the National Narcotics Agency, Senior Commander Suprinarto. That’s the person who mainstream media quoted, they quoted a drug-warrior who helped to make the conditions in Indonesia like that.

In Straits News, he was quoted as saying “The used pads they took from the trash were put in boiling water. After it cooled down, they drank it together,” speaking about some specific case, possibly the only time anyone had actually done this.

Used tampons: those kids really need to visit the West Coast and get up on some legal cannabis.

Several teenagers in Indonesia have reportedly been arrested for boiling tampons and drinking the liquid, which contains chlorine. Arrested: put into a cell for minding their own business, doing something terrible for them because less harmful things are illegal.

Ironically, Indonesia is a place where kratom comes from despite it not being legal there. Kratom is a harmless herb that is currently helping people in America overcome addiction to genuinely harmful substances, such a prolific herb it spurred the foundation of organizations like the American Kratom Association, which is successfully helping keep it legal.

The war on drugs has had a noticeable effect on the culture of drug use in America, Indonesia, and across the world. In the past 10 years, a drug epidemic has hit America so thoroughly, if you think about it history is really going to look at this period of time as one that was dominated by this.

Lives have been taken, and it’s such a massive number of people it’s difficult to comprehend. Recently it was reported that over 1,500 people died as a result of op**ids in Massachusetts alone this year. For perspective, that’s more than the number of people who are shot and lose their lives every year in Chicago.

As people deal with this, kratom is becoming much more popular: the herb that happens to be from Indonesia cannot be overdosed on but relieves the symptoms of withdrawal from the substances that fuel the drug epidemic.

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Kratom is legal and harmless, but there has been a very strong coordinated effort to demonize kratom and ban it, on behalf of the FDA, DEA, CDC, and other agencies of government who have been ruthlessly railing against it since 2016 when the DEA announced it would be listing it as a schedule 1 substance, and then they decided not to because of the outrage.

Headlines claim that since 2016, 23 deaths have been “linked to kratom” by Colorado coroners, but other substances were also found in the deceased individuals, and since people addicted to other substances use kratom as well, people losing their lives to worse substances are bound to be found with kratom in their systems.

It’s surprising that the Indonesian kids don’t seem to be aware that kratom grows in their country. Some of the natives chew kratom leaves.

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