Rare White Lion being Auctioned off “to be Shot by Trophy Hunters”

People are trying to spare a beautiful lion from a terrible fate, as a heart wrenching story is coming out of South Africa. Three years ago when he was a baby lion cub, a gorgeous white lion given the name Mufasa was “confiscated,” along with a baby lion they gave the name Soraya.

Animal lovers, people who understand the love that can be felt for other animals are trying to get the lion moved to a sanctuary, but in a cruel lack of regard for the animal, South Africa authorities have instead decided to sell him at an auction.

Now here’s where it gets disturbing on a whole other level. This poor white lion is infertile. Why? Someone gave the innocent giant feline a “vasectomy.” They made this animal infertile, when it is believed that there exist only 300 white lions like Mufasa in the entire world.

(Image credit: SABC/Youtube)

There are an estimated total of 13 living white lions in the wild, and for some unknown reason as if it were a standard procedure, somebody made the animal infertile on purpose. Don’t people realize that’s the end of the line? Animals and people don’t live forever, voluntarily submitting or cutting off the ability for a creature to reproduce is cutting off a chain of thousands upon thousands of years of life, cutting off something much greater than they could possibly realize.

So since somebody did that to Mufasa, they say because he is infertile the “only value he would have is to be bought by a hunting company and then shot,” as phrased by the Mirror.

How anybody could reach the conclusion that the only “value” a white lion has is to be shot, for money, for the entertainment of some trophy hunter is so difficult to understand. It’s also kind of a shame that all lions aren’t making headlines for being shot and treated like dirt by humanity, and it’s kind of shallow when you think about the fact that only a white lion, one with a particular aesthetic about it, would be cared about enough for headlines to be made.

However, people need to take a story like this and run with it no matter what. This is indicative of a problem in our hearts, in humanity so deep it can hardly be described. We’re losing our hearts and when we see an animal in the wild, especially when everything is so controlled nowadays and nature could use some help staying alive, shouldn’t we want to just admire and appreciate it, not kill it?

(Image credit: safaritime)

It’s true that lions are apex predators and might eat us in the wild, but to seek out just that aspect of the experience a primal human being would experience, to choose trophy hunting, it’s pretty dark.

Hopefully the 200,000 people who have signed a petition calling for the overhaul of this decision to auction off the poor big feline who really just needs a hug and his family, will have their wish granted.

The petition, presented to the Minister of Environmental Affairs in South Africa, said: “Mufasa and Suraya are now three years old and are inseparable. Nature conservation officials refused permission for Mufasa to be relocated to a sanctuary, who offered to care for both Mufasa and Suraya for their natural lives, free of charge. Instead, the rehab centre was told telephonically that Mufasa will be auctioned to raise funds for the department.”

It’s shameful to have to beg for this justice. The place where Mufasa has received care for the past three years, but hopefully not the people who needlessly sterilized the animal, wildlife sanctuary Wild for Life is trying to raise enough money to battle in court against the auction.

The wildlife sanctuary revealed a horrific truth, noting that lions had been killed in high numbers in South Africa for  profit, to export their bones to the East. The statement gave some insight into the feelings of the animals, saying Soraya and Mufasa are inseparable, and it would be a traumatic tragedy for the lion to lose her companion.

(Image credit: SABC/Youtube)

People should be thinking about how the animals feel. There’s a type of love you can feel, a type of bond you can build with an animal, from a dog, to a cat, to a lion, and it’s a great thing to experience.

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