Company Reveals the World’s First Prefab House Composed Entirely of Hemp

Certainly one of the most innovative and exciting building materials of our time is hempcrete: a versatile, eventually well-insulating material that a Dutch company is now putting into real practice.

Soon, people all over the world will be able to live in genuinely affordable, sustainable, and sturdy houses made entirely out of hemp. It has been said that hempcrete homes are capable of being constructed in much less time than that of a regular home. Earthquake resistance, durability, and affordability are factors that are drawing people toward the fascinating building material.

With the legalization of hemp in the United States, people can get to using hempcrete! If you can run a small business, look into this: it could be a holy grail of opportunity at this exact moment.


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To see the building material in action, this particular home was constructed by a Dutch company that specializes in hempcrete, Dun Agro. Most people are aware that hemp is capable of being used for almost anything, from serious building material, to clothing, to food and bio-fuel. Hemp does not contain THC and is not psychoactive, it is legally required to be below a certain threshold of THC.


(Image credit: Dun Agro)

The hempcrete produced by Dun Agro is made from the fibers of hemp, glue, and water. After being pressed together in a mold to construct prefab sections for homes, the mixture they set up dries over a period of three months. Then, all sections of the house can be assembled, and you have a secure hempcrete house!

It has been said that after a certain period of time, hempcrete sort of hardens further like a fossil, providing excellent insulation for a home as well.

Dun Agro put this hempcrete house on display on November 30. Then they completed a second home made from the material, and they have plans to build more. They estimate the ability to produce up to 500 houses made out of this every year. With more demand, more hemp houses become reality.


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The company claims to be the first one to successfully build a prefabricated hemp house, although others certainly produced hempcrete in general before them. For people who feel that they want to leave a positive impact on the Earth environmentally, hemp allegedly consumes 13,500 kilos of CO2 when it grows.

In the Netherlands, around 1,100 hectares of agricultural land is being utilized for growing hemp. What will happen in America now that it is legal?

Popularized perhaps about 5 years ago in alternative media articles, hempcrete has been used in France since at least the early 1990’s to build non-weight bearing insulating infill walls. Hempcrete is supported by a frame, as it doesn’t have the requisite strength for constructing a foundation, but it works.

The typical compressive strength of the material has been measured to be around 1MPa, which is about 1/20 of residential grade concrete.

Due to its amazing low density, it is resistant to cracking under movement, which is why it is considered relatively safe in the event of an earthquake.

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