Man Spiked His Co-Workers’ Drinks With LSD Because They Had “Negative Energy”

According to police in Arnold, Missouri, two employees at an Enterprise Rent-A-Car location were unknowingly dosed with LSD by one of their co-workers.

Lt. Clinton Wooldridge of the Arnold Police Department says that the affected employees became dizzy and shaky and were scared because they had no clue what could possibly be wrong. The employees were quickly taken to an urgent care center and then transferred to Mercy Hospital South for further examination. LSD is often difficult to detect in preliminary tests, which is likely why the employees were transferred to a larger hospital with more resources.

Lt. Wooldridge says that a 19 year old male employee admitted to pouring LSD in the drinks of at least three employees at the Enterprise location because they had “negative energy.”

Police are still awaiting the results of a chemical test to confirm that the substance in the drinks was actually LSD. However, Sgt. Tony Dennis with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department said that the symptoms exhibited by the victims were common among people on LSD.

“You’re going to have an increased heart rate, temperature, higher blood pressure. It’s been described as causing the shakes or tremors,” Sgt. Dennis said.

The third person who had their drink spiked was an Enterprise manager who allegedly saw the employee holding a medicine dropper over her water jug. She had a bad feeling about what she saw, so she never drank from the jug, and then became suspicious of the employee after the others started reporting their symptoms.

I can’t believe it. It’s ridiculous. I just can’t understand why anyone would think about something like that,” one citizen told reporters.

“Terrible. He should be arrested,” another said.

According to The Leader, “The manager said she also saw the suspect allegedly messing with the two employees’ water bottles and after that, the Imperial woman and St. Louis man began to feel weird and dizzy. They went to an Urgent Care Center before being transported to Mercy Hospital South in south St. Louis County, where they were treated and released. When authorities questioned the Arnold man about the incident, he allegedly told them he put LSD into the water bottle, adding that “They were too uptight, and they needed to have better energy.

The suspect was arrested and taken to the Police Station, where he was booked and released pending application for warrants. Depending on results from the drug analysis, Arnold Police will seek charges against him through the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for second-degree assault and possession of a controlled substance.”

The two affected employees are doing just fine now that the LSD has worn off, according to KOLR.

Drugging someone with LSD without their knowledge can be extremely risky and dangerous. A psychedelic experience can be scary and complicated even for people who are familiar with the drugs and take them willingly, but it could be very traumatic for someone to be thrust into that experience unexpectedly. In some cases, this can even be deadly. Even though LSD is not a drug that you can physically overdose on, it could cause you to do irrational things that could put your life in danger, and if you don’t know that you are under the influence of a drug, it could make you suicidal.

One of the most tragic cases of someone being unknowingly dosed with LSD is the case of Frank Olson, an American bacteriologist, biological warfare scientist, and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked at Camp Detrick (now Fort Detrick) in Maryland. At a meeting in rural Maryland, he was covertly dosed with LSD by his CIA supervisor and, nine days later, plunged to his death from the window of a 10th-story New York City hotel room. The U.S. government first described his death as a suicide, and then as misadventure, while others allege murder. The Rockefeller Commission report on the CIA in 1975 acknowledged their having conducted drug studies, according to Wikipedia.

The suspect in this case put many lives in danger with his actions, and he has disrespected a powerful tool that many people around the world are able to use responsibly. LSD is still legal in most places throughout the world, but new scientific studies have shown the drug to have many beneficial therapeutic uses.

Photo Credit: Ozark’s First

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