Mother Encourages Daughter To Sleep With Sugar Daddies For Cosmetic Surgery

English television presenter Jeremy Kyle recently spoke with a mother who was so obsessed with cosmetic surgery that she encouraged her then 18 year old daughter to sleep with “sugar daddies” so she could pay for the both of them to get numerous sugeries. Kyle was horrified by the family’s situation and had no problem calling the family out on his show.

Kalya said that her mother was heavily influenced by the media and celebrity worship culture exemplified by the Kardashians. She said that she always felt inadequate because of the celebrities that she followed and was always trying to make her breasts and lips bigger and bigger.

Georgina said that the surgeries were quite addictive, but Jeremy Kyle didn’t let her off easy.

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“What sort of mother allows her 18-year-old daughter to actually dance and sleep with older men in return for cosmetic procedures?” Kyle said, according to the Daily Mail.

At first, Georgina denied knowing anything about it, but then confessed and admitted that she felt horrible about it. Kayla also followed in her mother’s footsteps with the surgery addiction for a period of time, but now she regrets what she did to her body and says that she can no longer look at photos of herself during those times. Now she feels that the look she had at the time was “ridiculous.”

Kayla was obsessed with surgery as a child, which is undoubtedly a result of her upbringing. By age 11, Kayla was already planning her cosmetic surgeries to look just like Katie Price. This was not just some half hearted fantasy either, Kayla spent most of her teenage years organizing the operation, according to her mother. The pair estimate that Kayla ultimate spent over £60,000 trying to look like Katie Price.

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At one point during the height of the surgery addiction, Kayla was working as a stripper and was earning £1,300 each week. However, a vast majority of her earnings went directly into more surgeries.

Although she was remorseful on the show, Georgina has openly spoken of how happy she was that her daughter was stripping and getting paid by sugar daddies in other interviews.

Kayla says that she felt pressure to fit a particular image as a teenage girl.

“[my first cosmetic procedure] was about six years ago now. I just remember really wanting it done. It’s a lot of pressure on being a young girl nowadays, the whole Kim Kardashian thing, Instagram thing, selfie thing,” Kayla explained.

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“And if you aren’t secure and happy in yourself, and you have the money then you will go and do them,” she added.

Jeremy pressed further, taking her to task for what she put her daughter through

“What sort of mother allows her 18-year-old daughter to actually dance and sleep with older men in return for cosmetic procedures? If my 18-year-old daughter was sleeping with a 50-year-old man in return for money to have her boobs done or her lips, I wouldn’t think of myself as a very good parent Georgina. You’ve got to answer that,” he said.

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In an earlier interview, Georgina said that she wanted her daughter to be “that kind of person.”

“When Kayla told me that she wanted a boob job and plastic surgery, I was glad because I wanted her to be that kind of person. I’m so lucky to have a daughter like Kayla who pays for my treatments. I don’t mind her having a sugar daddy or stripping to pay for our cosmetic work because we’re living the dream. I’m really proud of her,” Georgina said.

This is a very sad story showing the lengths that people will go through to meet the false standards that they see on the media. Young women are especially likely to have issues with this because of the extreme pressure that is put on them by society. This is why it is so important for parents to be there to guide children in the right direction. Unfortunately, in a case like that of Georgina, when the parent is mentally ill, it is like the blind leading the blind.

What Kayla looks like today / Photo Credit: News Dog Media

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