NASA Released More Than 10,000 Photos of Moon Landing to Oppose Conspiracy Theories


Did the moon landing really occur? If it did, why haven’t more missions to the Moon been planned?

This is a perfectly reasonable question to ask, considering how many other things we’ve been lied to about. However, these 10,000 photos of the Apollo mission released by NASA last year strongly challenge the theory that the Moon landing never took place.

There were 5 other Moon landings allegedly, an oft cited point to combat theories of the Moon landing being faked. We all know the US and Russia were competing with each other at that moment as well.

It is perfectly reasonable to question these things, and people are ridiculed for questioning things that are in fact false all too often, but so far in the investigation to this thing it appears that NASA is winning.

1-1-5767921 2-8234695 3-8476537 4-2181761 5-9584695 6-6928325 7-7462070 8-2906213 9-1970525 10-7907817 11-7073236 12-4281875 13-1372975 14-3089477 15-9959104 16-1691469 17-3884860 18-7848872 19-2642901 20-4797362

Every single photo can be viewed here at NASA’s Apollo Flickr account.

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