Nearly 1,000,000 People Have Signed Up To “Storm Area 51”

As we reported last week, a plan to gather curiosity seekers to ‘Storm Area 51’ has gotten quite a bit of attention, and has reached mega-viral status in just a few days.

Admittedly, the event page was started out as a joke by a man who doesn’t even live in the United States, where the secret military base is located. However, the event seems to have taken on a life of its own, as now nearly a million people have clicked “attending” on the official Facebook page.

So when we storming Area 51?

— Jacksepticeye (@Jack_Septic_Eye) July 13, 2019

While most of the posts on the page are obviously jokes, it is unclear how many of these people are trolling, and how many will actually show up.

If anyone does come, they will meet at a nearby tourist trap called the “Area 51 Alien Center,” and make their entrance plans.

Photo Credit: Newsweek

Area 51 has been rumored to be a facility where the US government keeps alien technology, but there has been a renewed interest in the military base after the release of the recent Netflix documentary film, Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.

my new alien trying to play it cool when we get pulled over leaving #Area51 #area51memes

— faith😚 (@Faith1016_) July 13, 2019

For his part, Lazar has made a statement warning his supporters to stay home on September 20, when curiosity seekers are scheduled to storm the gate.

In a statement that was later relayed to Joe Rogan’s several million social media followers, Lazar said that Area 51 is not even where the aliens and alien tech were stored when he worked at the site over 30 years ago.

This is how I envision the Battle of Area 51 going down.
#Area51memes #Area51

— Jonathan Sutter (@JonathanSutter) July 13, 2019

In fact, Lazar says that the actual alien facility was called “Site 54” and was located south of the notorious Area 51 base. Still, Lazar has said that it is very likely that the government has moved the location of the site, especially considering the release of his Netflix documentary.

“I do not support this ‘movement’. The last time someone tried to get in to Area 51 he was shot. This is not the way to go about trying to get more information. What is good, is the interest in the subject – the science and technology. That is what would immediately change the world we live in,” Lazar said in his statement.

When you raid Area 51 and find highly classified government secrets but no alien homie to steal and protect #Area51memes #Area51

— Dan O’Neill (@DanONei95705112) July 13, 2019

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