Pastor Told Men He Was “Sucking Demons” Out Of Them During Sexual Assaults

A pastor from New Jersey stands accused of sexually abusing multiple different men, by conning them into a strange exorcism ritual. The rituals were really just an excuse for the pastor to get close to these men and take advantage of them, according to testimony from the victims.

Rev. Dr. William Weaver, who is also the chaplain for a local police department, performed oral sex on the men during the strange exorcism ritual, and he told them that he was removing evil spirits from their bodies.

Weaver told his victims that he learned these rituals from a Native American tribe that he visited. He said that the tribes taught him their secrets first hand, and he had the ability to remove evil spirits from people in a strange exorcism.

The pastor has been using this con on men for a very long time, and there is no telling exactly how many victims he has. The first allegation against him goes all the way back to 1999.

All of the men who have come forward so far have very similar stories, and describe identical rituals. The pastor also had a similar grooming process for all of the men, slowly warming up to them and pushing them farther and farther down his trap.

According to the victims, once the pastor lured them into the ceremony, he would perform a strange ritual where he scanned their bodies with feathers and did other similar routines. He would then ask the men to take their clothes off, and would kiss them, pushing his tongue around in their mouth. His excuse for this act was that he was using his tongue to make sure that no spirits were hiding in their mouths.

During the act, the pastor would spit objects into a bag and tell the victims that he has removed the bad spirits from their bodies.

“He would then ingest my ejaculate and then would spit up multiple pieces of plastic or metal into a Ziploc bag,” one victim later said.

“When it was over he showed me what looked to be a tiny metal ball and said that was what he got out of me,” another victim told investigators.

It wasn’t long before the men involved in the rituals realized that they were taken advantage of. At least three of Weaver’s victims ended up reporting his crimes to the local police department and the state attorney general’s clergy abuse hotline. However, for some reason, Weaver still has not faced any consequences. Police haven’t even filed any charges against him.

At first, it seemed that this was a matter that would be handled internally, within the church. Weaver was scheduled to appear for an internal church trial to answer for his crimes in January, but he never showed up in court. Ultimately, Weaver was renounced from the church after not showing up for his trial, but he has still managed to avoid any type of legal accountability.

United Presbyterian Church in Plainfield. Photo Credit: Nick Muscavage, My Central NJ

The church determined through an investigating committee “that there are probable grounds or cause to believe that an offense was committed by the accused,” according to MyCentralJersey.

According to Rev. Leslie Dobbs-Allsopp, interim leader of the Elizabeth Presbytery, the allegations against the pastor were “found to be credible.”

“In April 2018, the Presbytery of Elizabeth received allegations of multiple instances of sexual misconduct perpetrated by William Weaver, who was a minister member of the Presbytery… Mr. Weaver was placed on administrative leave while the Investigating Committee conducted interviews with multiple witnesses. The allegations were found to be credible, and disciplinary charges were filed, and an ecclesiastical disciplinary hearing date was set,” Dobbs-Allsopp said.

Now, Weaver is living in a gated retirement community, shielded from the consequences of his actions.

It should be possible for police to bring charges against Weaver, and it is unclear why they have decided not to.

Earlier this month, a 74-year-old Catholic priest was found guilty of disturbing child abuse against two young boys, taking place between the years of 1991 and 1994. According to the victims, the priest, Frederick Lenczycki, even made the young boys dress up as baby Jesus before he sexually abused them.

Lenczycki is due to be sentenced for his crimes on August 15th, but he is expected to do time in prison. Lenczycki previously spent five years in prison after admitting to sexually abusing three other young boys in Chicago during the 1980s.

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