Singer on the Street was Ignored by Everyone, Until 4 Kittens Came to Show their Support

You know the street singers, guitar players, or musicians you typically see trying to make a few extra dollars busking? Well, depending on the quality of music and personal charisma of the artist, some places have a culture that isn’t as supportive of playing music on the corner as other places.

Recently, a video made headlines after a man playing guitar at a market of some sort in Pangkor, Malaysia was unaccompanied, with not many people avidly supporting him, until something happened.

Several kittens came up to the man playing music, and they looked up at him and intently watched him play music in a hilarious and cute moment.

A total of four young, three month old kittens came up to the man as he was singing and playing guitar, and they seemed to love the music.

(Image credit: healthyfoodhouse)

The video was uploaded a couple years ago, and it has since amassed over 5 and a half million views. The man was identified as Jass Pangkor.

(Image credit: healthyfoodhouse)

A couple comments on the video read:

“From an article I read, which brought me to this video, the kitties only stayed for one song and it seems to me a little miracle. The busker was having a bad day with no one listening. For me this is a little miracle of encouragement.”

“I just died from cute poisoning.”

“I love this! Thanks for sharing it with us. I added it to my “Cats” YouTube Playlist. If I lived near those cats, I would make sure they found a home with a musician. Although, this musician might miss having such an attentive audience! Hehe! >^..^

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