The Treasure Stuffed, Sealed Temple Door “No One” Could Open

About three years ago, in 2015 headlines were made about the discovery of a “one trillion dollar hidden treasure chamber” in the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple, in India.

At the famed Stree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, it had already been known for quite some time that this gold-plated thing was the site of great material wealth, it was the “richest temple in the world,” but then it was discovered that yet another hidden vault of treasure had been discovered past what had already been known: Vault B in the complex.

According to what were reported as recent treasure findings in various other vaults, the estimated value of all the treasure was over $1 trillion. At the time, it was reported that one major problem stood in the way of this treasure being harvested or whatever may happen to it, which may actually be a good thing for the preservation of history.

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Nobody wanted to open the hidden inner sanctum of the chamber. For many years Kerala’s Padmanabhaswamy Temple has been a source of “fascination.” It’s kind of cruel when you think about it because people suffer from poverty there and all over the world but some people who frankly coveted wealth most likely at the expense of other people must have placed it all there in the first place.

Rumor has it, two giant Cobras are protecting that innermost hidden chamber. That’s the urban legend you could say, but it gets more realistic.

For years this well protected Vault B has evaded penetration by the people who wish to open it up: at least until something happened in 2016. In 2011, a team approved by the Supreme Court in India unveiled a priceless treasure. Straight up, massive piles of jewels, coins, and idols were discovered in other chambers.

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The myth of Vault B’s danger reportedly was debunked when the Auditor General Vinod Rai confirmed to the Supreme Court that at least seven times, Vault B had been opened at least to his knowledge since 1990, and nothing horrific had happened.

How a cursed snake exactly would stay inside that chamber and remain alive for untold centuries was a mystery, anyway.

Now here’s where it gets realistic. It was reported in Fall of 2016 that an audit conducted into the assets of that Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple showed an absolutely massive amount of gold from its repositories had “mysteriously disappeared.”

Somewhere around 769 Gold Pots and Silver bars have been reported missing, and that’s just what we know and what was reported about two years ago. It was even suggested by skeptics that beneath the chamber they claim is so impenetrable, there is a hidden tunnel that allowed architects to simply lock the chamber from within, making it impossible to breach.

That even suggests that they made the chamber “impenetrable” and built up the hype around that for the sole purpose of extracting wealth from the chamber as part of a conspiracy.

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Of course it “mysteriously disappeared,” that’s the moment when a story like this starts to make sense. Large piles of extremely valuable wealth don’t tend to sit around when people in the world are starving. The concept of property is complicated and what is considered theft is not good, but how on Earth can people sit there and let enormous wealth just exist for the vanity of it? Historical artifacts and things should be preserved, but wealth like this is just obscene.

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