“5G: The Most Censored Story Of 2018”: Researcher Exposes Health Dangers to City Council

Recently, an incredible article was published about what they called the most censored story of 2018: 5G Internet and the true health consequences that could arise from the decision for networks to offer Internet and phone service at much higher frequencies than the standard, 2.45 GHz frequency we currently operate our electronics on.

On October 1, Verizon decided to launch the first real 5G Internet in the world, setting it up in 4 American cities: Houston, Texas, Sacramento, California, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Los Angeles, California.

What the mainstream media didn’t mention, in its fairly scarce coverage of the issue, are the potential health consequences that can arise out of being inundated with much higher frequencies than the current WiFi, in the millimeter wave band. Smaller cells, emitting higher frequencies, closer to our heads, were installed in those four cities, with dozens of other American cities set to receive 5G from other corporations like AT&T in the next year.

Internet as it is, is already linked to infertility and a host of other health problems, with some people being more sensitive to it, and some being less sensitive. It currently runs on a frequency of 2.45 GHz, but here’s the crazy thing: 2.45 GHz is like a standard frequency that all kinds of electronics and things run on, but guess what: microwaves also run on that same frequency.

People explain that amplitude, the power put into the frequency, is what determines whether that wave is going to transmit data, or cook your food. Either way, it’s all 2.45 GHz.

Now, 5G is in a much different band of frequency. Verizon’s 4 city rollout of 5G runs on frequencies raging between 28 and 39 GHz, according to them. So what do studies show about those particular frequencies?

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Directly in the middle of that spectrum, the frequency 35GHz was studied, and a paper from Texas based US Air Force Research Laboratories and associates found that rats exposed to it suffered from complex immune problems.

A litany of health problems have already been tied to frequencies within that range, particularly getting worse as the frequency gets closer to 60GHz.

In light of all this, activist Derrick Broze, from Houston, Texas recently decided to let the city know that 5G has dangers.

This photo was taken by the author of this article in Houston, Texas today.

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From personal experience, 5G seems very difficult to find in the city, anywhere downtown, and the small cells that emit those higher frequencies, close to our heads are also difficult to find. Some people are suggesting Verizon’s initial 4 city rollout was a “dud.”

In Sacramento, anecdotal experiences are being reported of people suffering from headaches, nausea, and what feel like blood sugar problems, living downtown in the vicinity of the 5G cells.

However, for some reason there is almost no info to be found on the Internet, concerning people’s actual experience with 5G.

5G is of course being promoted as the next level of WiFi, capable of loading pages in a split second. However, even people who love technology and would eagerly anticipate such a thing seem to be reporting that 5G really hasn’t been launched as they claim it would be, yet.

In any case, when 5G really comes, people should really look at some studies performed on the frequencies they’re going to release all around us.

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