Ants Trapped In Acrylic Nails are a New And Disturbing “Fashion Trend”

A nail salon dedicated to creating out of the box, unconventional nail designs has just generated a horrified reaction from the Internet, as their latest video depicts a woman modeling hollow, long fingernails filled with live insects.

Moscow-based beauty salon Nail Sunny recently shared a video of these “ant nails” to its 1.8 million followers on Instagram last week, and shortly thereafter a torrential downpour of negative comments piled in. Some of the comments of course accused them of abusing the ants, and some of them just expressed how disgusting it looks.

“That’s why I hate humans so much. Shame on you. This is animal abuse,” one commenter wrote. This is an insect of course, but it’s still sort of psychopathic and not right to treat any living creature like this. Sadistic might be the correct word for it.

“What the hell is wrong with you? This is clearly animal abuse. If someone would put you in this damn nail you wouldn’t be that happy!”

“Even though the ants weren’t harmed, they were still mistreated,” a commenter noted. “And, it sends out the idea that this is somehow OK. It is not!”

It was also pointed out by a few commenters that even if you don’t think it’s cruel and weird to have living insects trapped, not having a good time inside your nails, eventually the ants will pass away, leaving deceased insects in the hollow tubes.

“So y’all gonna have dead ants living in your nails for 2+ weeks? Cancelled!” one commenter said.

Yet another commenter said:

“No animals were harmed?! You mean insects? And either way it can drown [in] the chemicals. You are disgusting!”

The process of creating these nails is clearly cruel as well, and that was mainly what was depicted in the video.

According to the Daily Mail:

“The controversial clip, which was shared on Friday, documented the creation of the manicure from start to finish – including the process of picking up a batch of live ants from the ground using a pair of tweezers. 

To start, the manicurist affixed some lengthy clear extensions onto the model’s natural nails, before filing them down, and then pinching them together to create an almost tubular shape.”

After that, a thin piece of plastic was melted and fixed onto the bottom of the nails with the use of a UV lamp.

Then, through just a small opening in the top, ants were inserted into the nails on video.

The ants had to be captured first, and that was also disturbingly recorded. A person is seen plucking the insects off the ground with metal tweezers before forcing them into the hollow tools.

Today, every single gesture of empathy toward living creatures, especially in a collective flexing of opinion like this one, is something that should be seen as a blessing.

In some countries, wild dogs, cats, foxes, and by accident kangaroos and pet dogs are poisoned with something called 1080, that causes horrific pain and then loss of life to occur to the mammals that consume it or consume the body of another animal that has consumed it. This is about Australia and New Zealand. There, people need this type of empathy for animals, because a lot larger, more intelligent and emotional animals are being ruthlessly taken out in this world.

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