CBS Fired Employee Who Leaked Video About Epstein Cover-Up at ABC News


On Tuesday, a video was leaked by Project Veritas, showing ABC’s Amy Robach talk about how the network covered up information about the Epstein case for years. In the previously unaired footage, Robach said that she had conducted an earlier interview with Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein’s victims.

It was suggested that the interview was canceled by ABC due to pressure and threats from the royal family, who was concerned about Prince Andrew being implicated in the scandal. The palace reportedly threatened the network with not allowing them to interview members of the royal family if they aired the footage.


Now, just days after the leak, it was revealed that an employee with CBS news, a different network, was the staffer responsible for the leak. As soon as their identity was discovered, they were swiftly fired from the network.

The following video shows the off the record taping where a very upset Amy Robach talks about how she tried for three years the get her interviews and research published through ABC news but they continually crushed the story because of its connections to the royal family.

Prince Andrew has found himself at the center of the Epstein scandal since the testimony of Virginia Roberts has finally reached the public. As expected, the prince denies any type of illegal behavior and denies that he had ever met Roberts. However, Roberts was able to produce evidence that the two had known each other, including photographs where Prince Andrew is holding the young girl by the waist before she was 18-years-old.

In a recent interview with “60 Minutes Australia,” Roberts says that Prince Andrew should be in jail for what he did to her and other women, who were underage girls at the time. However, she doubts that he will ever see justice because of his position in society.

In the new special, Roberts says that she was trafficked around to the elite of the world, which included a variety of billionaires and politicians.

As ABC’s Amy Robach says in the recently leaked footage, no one knew or cared who Jeffrey Epstein was until very recently. For years there were a small number of activists and reporters who were working to bring his crimes to light, but it was not until this year that the case became national news. The investigation of those who surrounded Epstein was abruptly halted after his alleged suicide in prison, but there are many doubts about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Around the end of October, Epstein’s name was back in the news again, after expert pathologist Michael Baden published a report suggesting that that evidence leads him to believe that a homicide was more likely than a suicide, as the injuries are more associated with strangulation by a large margin. However, this was just an independent ruling, the state’s medical examiner is still standing by the official story.

It was reported by CBS that screams were heard from Epstein’s cell that night. Suspiciously, the security camera that was tasked with monitoring the area malfunctioned at the time of his death as well.

After Epstein was found dead, Attorney General William Barr said that there were “serious irregularities” at the jail where he was being held.

In a speech to a law enforcement group in New Orleans, Barr said that he was angry with the facility for their “failure to adequately secure” the prisoner.

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