Donald Trump Warns Of Dark Forces Running The World

Donald Trump recently made headlines probably with the more Christian side of his audience, by delivering a speech that seemed to imply the existence of “dark forces” out there, that may be spiritual in nature.

“Hopefully at the end of a period of time people are gonna say thank you because it’s not easy, we’re fighting a lot of forces there, forces that are doing the wrong thing they’re just doing the wrong thing, I don’t want to talk about what they have in mind but they do the wrong thing but we’re doing what’s good for our country for the longterm viability and survival…”

Certainly one of the most respectable and relatable aspects of Christian beliefs is the existence of some archetypal darkness. This darkness seems to exist within some people, whether it’s just an attitude or a whole spiritual thing.

Just Trump’s way of phrasing this encouraged people to think about “dark forces.” What it reminds me of, is the theory of “tearing the veil.” Tearing the veil is a theory about some technology such as CERN, or a nuclear bomb tearing the veil between this dimension and another, to allow some dark entities or forces to enter our dimension. However, there is one way to get “out of this dimension” without tearing the veil, according to some people: DMT.

People who are investigating “dark forces,” not quite human beings maybe but a force that can corrupt human beings, have a lot of things they can investigate. All kinds of paranormal bullshit can be found on the Internet: so it is important to recognize real from fake and avoid all that.

What it really requires to understand spiritual “darkness” in this world is an experience with it firsthand: or an experience with what we call god, perhaps obliterating a feeling of fear or darkness.

Some people have reported trying the spiritual psychedelic (entheogen) dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, and experiencing the “light” or the “dark.” When some people ingest the shamanic, revered psychedelic, either in vaporized DMT or in real Ayahuasca brew, they see very different things. Some people seem to confront their own darkness, and some seem to make contact with what we call god.

For instance, in this article somebody reported an experience of meeting this benevolent, father-like silhouette figure the second he went into the realm of DMT. Some people, perhaps they are ones with a lot of guilt on their conscience, report seeing horrifying malevolent entities when they go into a DMT trip.

There are people on YouTube such as RichieFromBoston who investigate a certain topic: they believe the elite are trying to sort of tear a hole between dimensions and unleash some kind of darkness into this world. Richie is the man when it comes to this theory, and his YouTube channel with tons of subscribers was completely terminated: he must be onto something.

It’s a very compelling theory, and the strange, occult symbolism portrayed at CERN in Switzerland, and other places like NASA or the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) seems to point toward some belief of tearing the veil between dimensions.

Influential works of fiction that might allude to a very real reality have been released, involving this idea of “tearing the veil” between dimensions to release some kind of energy or entities.

“Twin Peaks” was a television series that ran in the early 90’s, and was revived for one season in 2017. The series ended (spoiler alert) with the chilling scream of Laura Palmer, one of the main characters, and it seems that the 17 hours or so of new events that transpired in the fictional realm was all the dream of one of the characters stuck in alternate dimensions.

In Twin Peaks, a military experiment occurred in which they were trying to secretly observe some inter-dimensional, evil entity. By the end of the third season, two main characters went out into the middle of the desert and entered a parallel dimension that ended up being all wrong.

The series basically implies that the first nuclear bomb detonated on Earth in the 1940’s tore a hole between dimensions, and evil entities poured out of the torn veil. It is an incredibly fascinating work of fiction.

This comment says it all:


Is this concept of “tearing the veil” between dimensions, or some very different and foreign inter-dimensional force of evil (and perhaps one of good as well) fiction, or is this fiction alluding to a reality that most people are unaware of?

It seems people are bashed or called crazy these days for having spiritual beliefs like this. There is nothing wrong with being Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Entheogenic, or whatever a person is.

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