Nun Arrested for ‘Helping Five Priests Rape Deaf Children’

By: livetheorganicdream

A Roman Catholic nun has been arrested for her alleged part in a string of serious sexual assaults on children.

Kosaka Kumiko, originally from Japan but living with Argentinian citizenship is thought the have aided priests Nicola Corradi and the Rev. Horacio Corbacho carry out their appalling crimes.

The abuse is thought to have taken place in the school in Lujan de Cuyo with children reporting that the crimes happened in the dormitory, bathrooms and the basement of the school.

It is thought the priests were able to get away with the crimes for so long due the victims being deaf, and so not able to hear the cries of other children.

So far 24 children have come forward to report rape and sexual abuse.

Kumiko is also understood to be on trial for the physical abuse of their students, and it is reported that she was on the run from the police for around a month before finally turning herself in.

It is thought that Kumiko worked at the Provolo Institute for children with hearing problems between 2004-2012.

She denied her involvement in any of the crimes during a hearing on Thursday May 4th.

If found guilty Kumiko and the priests face between 10-50 years in jail.


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