Child Sex Slave For The ‘Well Respected’ Financial Elite Blows The Whistle & Unveils Her Horrifying Experience

By: Arjun Walia via

Below is the story of a woman named Kendall, who tells a story of private planes, black tie parties, elite sporting events, and more. She claims she was sold by her parents at birth to a powerful international sex trafficker, and says she was beaten, tortured, and forced to do unimaginable things. She goes into detail in the interview, much of which is too horrifying to mention here. Her story corroborates with the testimony of many others, and the information that’s been shared above.

The episode also features Dr. Phil’s own private investigation and testimony from an LAPD officer, all of which also confirms Kendall’s story.

Why Are We Writing About This, and Why Is It Significant?

Perhaps a full two thirds of the global financial elite, who are well respected in the public eye, are involved in this type of thing. Abuse, satanic ritual, murder, and more all come from these activities.

The Vatican has also been implicated in this type of activity on many occasions. Ask yourself, if these are the people who control major corporations and banks, and who dictate government policy, how can we call them our ‘leaders’? Our modern day political world is a facade meant impress the masses; what goes on behind close doors is never spoken about. These are some very powerful people who remain protected because they are directly involved with making our laws, creating our money, starting wars, controlling entertainment, and much more.

This can be added to the long and growing list of topics that used to be considered a ‘conspiracy theory.’ As far as a response to all of this, the only one seems to be that “mainstream media debunked it.” This was the claim of John Podesta, who was implicated in P*zzagate, in a recent interview.

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