Social Media Manhunt For Four Men Who Tortured Dog

By Alexis Henning via

A recent video of a group of men abusing a dog has come out of India recently, and the video is heartbreaking, to say the least. For those of us who would rather not watch the video, the description and pictures are enough.

A social media manhunt has begun to find four men who tortured a dog in northern India. A video surfaced of four young men swinging a dog around by its back legs and beating it repeatedly. The incident occurred in Chandigarh.

Within a few days, the video was viewed over a million times and people are understandably outraged.



The now viral video does not reveal the identities of the men, but some commenters believe they know where the incident took place.



The situation reminds us of another animal cruelty case last year, in which 4 men strung up a dog by its hind legs and beat him with sticks. The dog was then dumped in a bag and was dropped near Aerocity.

Children playing in the vicinity recorded a video of a dog being hung by a tree and posted it to social media, prompting the investigation. Legal action was taken against them, and an investigation was undertaken. The men were arrested and as of January 2016, let out on bail.

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