Today is a Sign 11:11: The “Most Powerful Manifesting Day” of the Decade

It has been said that 11/11 in 2018 is the most powerful manifesting day in a decade, based on a theory that numbers are tied to energy and events, because 2018 also equals 11 when you add the numbers together.

As one article phrases it, “In Numerology, 11 is a Master Number. It’s the number of unique creation, authentic expression, and rapid manifestation. It contains the pioneering ignition spark of the number 1, and the soothing, sensitive, psychic gifts of the number 2. In combination, the Master Number 11 holds the vibration of ascension.”

Why do people believe in the power of the number 11:11? This is a very easy to understand way to look at it. Believing in the power of 11:11 to signify the coming of a certain type of energy, or the coming of an event is based in believing in essentially a sign from God.

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This is a belief in signs from God, or the universe if you prefer. People have this experience that is commonly reported, where they start seeing numbers on the clock at synchronistic times, over and over. People see numbers such as 11:11, 2:22, or 3:33 on the clock repeatedly and begin to think of it as like a sign from God.

When you really experience it, it’s the strangest thing because it really feels like there’s no chance it could be coincidence. Personally there is no doubt in my mind that numbers can be a sign and not a coincidence.

But there is a distinction to be made between cheerful, New Age articles assuring the reader ascension is coming any day now, and a real honest assessment of the signs some force of the universe could showing to people.

For instance, people use astrology as a foundation upon which interpreting these numbers can be guided. Every planet and sign represents a certain type of energy, and every planet is objectively numbered, not numbered by humans but by nature, because it’s a mathematical fact that Mercury is the first planet from the Sun, Venus is second, ect.

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In this astrology based system of numerology, one is Mercury or the sign Aries, two is Venus or Taurus, three is Earth or Gemini, four is Mars or Cancer, five is Jupiter or Leo, six is Saturn or Virgo, seven is Uranus or Libra, and eight is Neptune or Scorpio. With that interpretation in mind, what can be said about 2018?

Eight is the number of Scorpio, and Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio this year, for the first time in 12 years. It’s fateful that over and over this year, astrological events in the sky have occurred that have to do with Scorpio, Pluto, and the number eight. All of that is associated with purging, destruction and rebuilding, facing hard truths, and feeling built up, neglected emotion.

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In the year of eight, of Jupiter in the eighth sign, Venus happened to get stuck in the sky for a retrograde in the eighth sign as well.

It’s the final wave of that hard, intense Scorpio energy, in this year of Jupiter in Scorpio, Jupiter sextile Pluto, the…

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People are suggesting that since 11/11 this year happens to fall upon a year that also totals to 11, (2+0+1+8 = 11), this day will be like a gateway to manifesting something, to creating something that will blossom into something big, because 11:11 always seems to be the first number people see when they experience that “seeing numbers on the clock” phenomenon.

However, more than likely the most powerful “manifesting days” of this decade were around 2011 to 2014. That was when you could tell everyone was feeling a wave of something. However like all good things, the energy comes to an end.

According to astrology, the next several months will actually be much better than this difficult, eight year of Scorpio, because Jupiter is now entering Sagittarius, a very carefree, positive sign but one that also is susceptible to being caught off guard.

Some articles may exaggerate the way signs seem to work and make it seem like people will have superpowers, but the balance is to be found somewhere: make no mistake, a nod from the Universe is not something to be taken lightly.

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