What Happens Behind Closed Doors In Every Relationship In 20 Pictures

Amanda Oleander, a 29-year-old artist from Los Angeles, has captured what love is truly all about in an incredible series of illustrations. Oleander has a huge following, with over 878k people on Instagram viewing her work on a regular basis. She is a very accomplished artist, and was once honored as one of Pure Wow’s 100 Women Emerging in Culture.

In today’s world, everyone is putting their best image forward, especially on social media, but real life is messy for everyone, especially when it comes to love.

These wonderful works of art were inspired by Amanda’s own romantic relationship with her long term partner, Joey Rudman. The couple was recently engaged and is looking forward to being married.

Some of Amanda’s illustrations in this collection are extremely simple, and show the mundane aspects of everyday life that couples share.

Amanda was able to capture the simple moments of two people sharing their love and their life together.

Couples don’t always agree about what to watch, but most people in relationships have one or two favorite shows that they can share with one another. It seems that the costumes depicted in this image may be a callout to the hit show Game of Thrones.

The hilarious image above shows the couple as couch potatoes. Once you get a bit older, most of the time that you spend with your significant other will be spent on the couch.

This powerful illustration shows how people in relationships can often want different things. This can be as simple as the temperature in the room, as this image suggests, or it can go deeper into the types of lifestyle that each partner wants to live.

If you look very closely, in the background you will see a painting showing two people with Rubik’s cubes for heads. This painting is powerful because it shows two people trying to figure one another out, just like a puzzle. The painting behind the couple in the image is a metaphor for what is happening in the illustration.

Taking care of one another is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, but it has to be a mutual effort, it can not be one sided. If one person is putting forth all the effort and the other person isn’t trying at all, a very unhealthy dynamic will develop between the partners.

Nowadays, with everyone’s lives being so hectic, it is rare for couples to eat breakfast together, but sharing a meal with your significant other is a great way to start the day.

The illustration above can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. What do you think it means?

As the artist illustrates, intimacy is one of the most important factors in relationships.

This is another one of those deep illustrations that can be interpreted many different ways, but it appears that the man in the picture is watering a flower inside the head of his partner, which can signify that he is being encouraging and loving, and building her self esteem.

After years of spending every day with someone you eventually grow together. This image seems to be showing that partners in serious relationships aren’t focused on superficial things and that they are comfortable around one another.

Couples go through a lot together and often have to help each other through hard times when they least expect it. Even vacations rarely happen without some type of emergency, like a bad case of sunburn, for example

Do you know why that dog has that expression on his face?

This is the reverse of the image shown earlier, where the male partner was watering the plant inside his love’s head. Now it is time for her to return the favor and water the plants in his head. Once again, this could mean that the couple is lifting each other up and being positive with one another.

This appears to be a classic proposal. It is possible that Amanda drew inspiration from her recent proposal for this illustration.

These two final pictures once again highlight how we reveal who we truly are once we are in a relationship with someone long enough. Eventually, we get comfortable enough to show them our messy side.

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